The Hans Hoyer 7800 Series F/Bb Heritage Series French Horns are “Kruspe” style instruments for players who are looking for the large dark “studio” sound without compromising control. The design was developed in close cooperation with key artists, including Vince De Rosa and Myron Bloom. (Please note: The photo shows brass construction and fixed bell. The 7801 and 7802 are only available in nickel construction, with detachable bell.)

The bell receives special attention in the annealing process as the last branch and bell flare are made from one piece of brass rather than the traditional two-piece design. This brings out additional harmonics and resonance that players respond to. The valves have also been specially treated and hand-fitted to have an “aged” feel so players do not have a “break-in period” and can be very comfortable from the beginning.

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Hans Hoyer 7800 Heritage Custom Series detailed specifications


Series 7800 Detailed Specifications

  • Key: F/Bb
  • Model: Heritage Custom Series
  • Bore: .468″ / 11,90 mm
  • Bell: 12.204″ / 310 mm
  • Valves: 4 “aged-in” conical rotary valves, 3B mechanical valve linkage system(model 7801), or string linkage (model 7802)
  • Features: Nickel Silver construction, specially treated and annealed “one-piece” hand-hammered extra-large (XL) throat detachable bell, adjustable thumb lever, additional main tuning slide for European tuning
  • Options: Three-dimensional adjustable finger hook, adjustable hand rest (flipper)
  • Finish: Unlacquered
  • Outfit: Mouthpiece, rotor oil, slide grease, torx/Alan wrenches, cleaning cloth, lightweight backpack-style case


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